Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Wed 30th March 2016 Opener Sentences
As we walked down the five hour walk, we had lots of stops and drinks.
After dark, we walked over to the cave to see the amazing glow worms.
While we were caving, we saw lots of wetas and some crayfish.
When we rock climbed, our hands got sweaty and tired.
Unless we didn't put long clothes, on we got eaten by mosquito's.
Serial sentences:
The glow worms were shiny, small, sticky and lots of fun.
Rock climbing was sweaty, hard and scary.
The caves were wet, freaky and so much fun.
In the the cabins Violet was talking, laughing and
giggling hard until the teacher told to tell her to go to bed.
The cabins were littered with wet shorts, abandoned blankets and lonely sleeping bag cases.   
Interrupter sentences:
The rapids were strong, white and fast, at river testing.
The, littered and messy, cabins were full of talking children.
Our, wet and muddy, clothes took ages to dry.

The wetas were,creepily, quite cool.

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